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'Fish of the Amazon and Their Habitats'
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ISBN 1-904690-59-7
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Dr Peter Henderson

The content of this site comes from the multimedia CD 'Fish of the Amazon and Their Habitats', written by Dr Peter Henderson of Pisces Conservation and the University of Oxford. Dr Henderson is one of the leading authorities on Amazonian fish, and has spent many years working in Amazonia.

The CD contains far more information than is possible to fit on this site; including video clips, graphs, maps and tables, and many hundreds of pictures - of a much higher resolution than those on the site. It is a fascinating insight into the wildlife of Amazonia, and a huge resource of information for anyone with an interest in the subject.

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A few of the other CD-ROMs available from Pisces Conservation:

'A Botanist in the Amazon Valley'
by Reginald Ruggles Gates
ISBN 1-904690-28-9
A thorough and accessible account of travels in Amazonia.
the book recounts travel to Parį, Manaos and Teffe by boat, with comments on the people, flora & fauna, and details on palms and other trees. At Teffe, the author compares the conditions with those described by H.W. Bates 70 years before.
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'The Naturalist on the River Amazons'
by Henry Walter Bates
ISBN 1-904690-02-5
A classic account of the Amazon by one of the great Victorian biologists
'The Naturalist on the River Amazons' is a fascinating account of Bates' years spent exploring the Amazon basin, filled with observations of the flora and fauna, climate, history and geography, and the human inhabitants of the region.
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'Notes of a Botanist on the Amazon and Andes'
by Richard Spruce
ISBN 1-904690-23-8
An essential text for all those interested in the Amazon
Richard Spruce was one of the foremost Victorian botanical explorers, who spent nearly 15 years exploring in the Amazon and Andes, between 1849 and 1864, enduring terrible hardship and sickness. One of the first Europeans to see many of the places he visited, the legacy of plants and objects collected, and his accounts of his discoveries, remain an extremely important contribution to our understanding of the botany, ethnology and history of South America.
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'Travels on the Amazon and Rio Negro'
by Alfred Russel Wallace
ISBN 1-904690-24-6
An important account of Amazonia, by one of the great evolutionary biologists.
Alfred Russel Wallace (1823 - 1913) is one of the fathers of modern science. In 1848, he and his friend H.W. Bates set out for South America on an expedition which would see them explore the Amazon and Rio Negro rivers. After four years of collecting, Wallace set sail for home in 1852. Disastrously, his ship caught fire en route, and he lost his entire collection and most of his notes. After considerable further difficulties, Wallace arrived back in Britain in 1852, where he began work on "Travels on the Amazon and Rio Negro", first published the following year.
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Only £18.00 + postage/VAT

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